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BECOME A PILOT Arrange a trial flight to
see if flying is for you.
A typical flight lasts 30 minutes, and lets prospective pilots experience first hand
the freedom of flying!

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training theory requirements
Flight Rules In general we can fly between 500ft above the ground and 5,000ft above sea level (10,000ft in certain instances), anywhere except
in controlled airspace or over built up areas such
as residential areas. Most of Australia is available.

training overview
The HGFA Operations Manual is issued and a simple written test must be completed.
Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Several texts are provided in a theory pack covering :

Principles of Flight
Power & Ancillaries
Human Performance & Limitations
Effects of Controls

OliAir Ground Course Manual
The OliAir Ground Course Manual covers all the following areas in easy to read, self paced chapters.

> View Ground Course Sample

Radio Operating Procedure
An ultralight pilot's radio handbook is used as a base reference, in conjunction with practical experience. A VHF radio operating endorsement is also necessary.

An overview of the requirments is included in the OliAir Ground Course Manual.

> View Radio Operating Sample


Flying conditions are a very important aspect of microlight operation since our mass
and wingloading a quite low.

Weather forecasting, micrometeorology and assessing conditions are important skills for the prospective trike pilot.
An overview of the requirments is included in the OliAir Ground Course Manual.

Cross Country - Navigation

An ultralight navigation text is provided as a base reference,in conjunction with flight training.
A multiple choice written test is also performed.