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BECOME A PILOT Arrange a trial flight to
see if flying is for you.
A typical flight lasts 30 minutes, and lets prospective pilots experience first hand
the freedom of flying!

Learn to fly

Many convert pilots from other forms of aviation
have joined our ranks, but over half of our pilots
have come into the sport with no previous flight experience.

Flying trikes is as close to real flying as you can get. Anyone
over 14 years of age, and with the medical fitness to drive
a car, can learn to fly a trike.

Licence Requirements
Anything that flies is controlled by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). It is horrific to imagine unlicensed pilots flying in
the vicinity of an International airport like Tullamarine! CASA
have given the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA) instructors power to issue licence's and the HGFA control to register aircraft.

> See Training Theory page for more info


Buying an aircraft?
Anyone can afford their own aircraft.
Oliair can organise secured loans through a credit union at competitive rates.(Some loan costs may be applicable)

Theory Requirements
Obviously we don't want you straying into controlled airspace and getting yourself and our federation
into trouble! Thus before you go solo, you have to pass an exam on rules of the air.

Prior to being issued with a pilots certificate, students must also pass the BAK (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge) exam. Your instructor will help you with the self paced theory course.

OliAir Ground Course Manual
This manual has been developed by OliAir to give an excellent overview of the required theory.
It is self paced and has a brief test at the end of each chapter to review your progress.

> View Ground Course Sample

Practical Lessons
All HGFA instructors follow an approved syllabus. They will teach you to fly straight and level, climb, descend, turn plus all the advanced skills required to get you to the required standard for the issue
of a pilots certificate. Most pilots go solo at 15 hours and obtain their certificate at 20 hours.

OliAir Air course Manual
This manual has been developed by OliAir to give an excellent practical overview of the phases of flight training required. Each section has an objectives required, descriptions and skills check.

> View Air Course Sample

Think of the trike as an aerial motorcycle. In southern climates, particularly at high altitudes in winter, you will need to dress appropriately. We can provide flight suits, helmets and gloves.

Getting Started
If you have flown other types of aircraft, or have never flown at all, the best way to start is with a
TIF (Trial Introductory Flight).

These flights will enable you to see how the powered hang-glider or "TRIKE" aircraft flies and you will
be given the opportunity to use the controls if you wish.