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BECOME A PILOT Arrange a trial flight to
see if flying is for you.
A typical flight lasts 30 minutes, and lets prospective pilots experience first hand
the freedom of flying!

About us

These well designed and made little machiines are bringing flying back to the masses. Transport your ANT in the boot of your car and set it up for flying in a matter of minutes.

One look at this liitle machine and you will notice the attention to detail. Everything has been thought about. Even the bag is a quality item.

Designed and manufactured in the Ukraine by Antonov engineers. This machine has a true engineering heritage

Buying an aircraft
Anyone can afford their own aircraft.
Oliair can organise secured loans through a credit union at competitive rates.(Some loan costs may be applicable)

Call us for latest prices and options!

We also stock second hand Trikes & Ultralights,
be sure to call or contact us!

Mobile 0428 303 484 (A/H)