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BECOME A PILOT Arrange a trial flight to
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A typical flight lasts 30 minutes, and lets prospective pilots experience first hand
the freedom of flying!

About us

about us
Oliair have been associated with weight-shift
aircraft since 1974.

We have experience in General Aviation,
Hang-Gliding, Gliding, Ultralighting, Gyro
and of course Triking.

Chief Flying Instructor
John Oliver first started Hang-gliding while studying Mechanical Engineering in the mid-70’s.
In the early 90’s he started Trike flying and started instructing soon after. In the last 25 years he
has flown trikes in such diverse places as India, Alaska, Oshkosh, Czech Republic, Ukraine,
Hungary, the U.K., Italy and Turkey.

He has also completed his RAA 3 Axis rating, General Aviation
PPL licence and Commercial theory rating. Because he was a Secondary School teacher for
many years, he saw a need to train pilots correctly through safe and staged units of study.

The Ground and Air Course Workbooks are a result of this belief. He has many contacts in the
R.A.A.F and has been flying out of Pt Cook Airport for the last 20 years. This site is the oldest
continually operating airfield in the world and is situated only a few kilometers from Melbourne’s CBD.

Fly from the birthplace
of Australian Aviation

Point Cook Airfield, located within the RAAF Williams Point Cook base is getting a reputation as Melbourne’s best-kept secret.
Check it out on Google Maps, it's close to Melbourne CBD!

The range of aviation related activities available to the
enthusiast within the confines of this area is probably unsurpassed anywhere else in Australia.

Point Cook is the longest continually running airport in
the world with it's 100th birthday celibrated in 2014
It also houses the RAAF Museum with working aircraft.